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Spunky Webs

A collection of elegant translucent nets for men’s fashion

Today, men dare to express themselves in a delicate way more and more; these ‘sheets of jewellery’ softly embosom the male body. A play of highlighting and gently covering ensues.

The ornate nets are geometrically constructed and seemingly fragile. Iridescence and fragmented appearance of colour create a romantic second skin, which fitly but serenely celebrates the male’s body shape. Bright and pastel tones, sometimes flooding into each other, create a warm and gentle atmosphere.

The webs show a material combination of plastics and thin yarns. Some of them are constructed by a heavier and extremely light-weighted material, wherefore an intriguing play with gravity is shown. Organic flows appear, that elegantly move with the body. Elasticity, in some of them, enhances dynamism and plays with opacity.

The Spunky Webs are captured in inspirational pictures; a material catalogue for the fashion industry is presented.